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The Nikao Group looks at every job as an opportunity to bring a product to a customer at the best price imaginable. We have an ever-growing network of strategic partners that we have vetted and worked with for years. Our extensive dealings have helped secure the best possible price from all vendors.
Our partners all work hand in hand to ensure what the bid is specific to what is being bid. We don’t hide cost, and we make a precise scope of work with realistic expectations. Our goal is to remove as many situations as possible that could cause change orders. Change orders are costly and take a lot of time. These orders drive up the cost and slow down production. We recognize this and are confident the work will get completed at cost and on time.
When The Nikao Group is commissioned on a project, our #1 responsibility is to represent the client. We respect the budget and safeguard it. We know your dream and work to accomplish it. We understand the need to meet a deadline and meet it to make sure you have your facility available when needed. We represent you. We are a one-stop-shop. If you have any questions, we are here for you. Our team takes the unknowns out of the building experience and accomplishes whatever you want, with whatever material you want, wherever you want it.
That is Nikao Groups' promise to every client.
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International Union Of Operation Engineers

Uvae Kitchen and Wine Bar

Brick and Mortar

Antioch Chamber of Commerce

Campuses - LEARN Charter School Network

Pandora Stores (23)

Ivanhoe Country Club

Halsted Street Deli

In Vitro Lab - IVF-PGD Lab

Belmont Senior Living (3)

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At Nikao Group, we are motivated by your vision. We use insightful planning, a collaborative spirit, and financial responsibility to help bring projects to life. One of the essential aspects of assisting our clients is understanding and putting the vision on paper, becoming a reality. Once we have accomplished this goal, our ability to develop our client's operational needs becomes more straightforward. At this time, we identify the needs of the project vision and work within the budget parameters. It is not uncommon for our team to develop a phased construction approach when meeting the completion timeline.


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